Type | 1

I am very conscientious, sincere, organized, hard working and practical.  I have high standards and expectations both for myself and for others, and my integrity is important to me. The right way of doing things often seems to be more evident to me than to others.  I put in a lot of effort into making sure things are done correctly and pay attention to the details. Sometimes I work so hard to make sure things are done right that I don’t take time to relax and have fun.  I push myself to improve, can be very hard on myself especially when I make a mistake of any kind and am sensitive to criticism from others. I strive to help others to be their best but my efforts are sometimes interpreted as criticism.  I often have strong opinions and quite a bit of certainty about my point of view. I get frustrated or irritated when people are irresponsible, lazy, or don’t obey the rules, when things aren’t done correctly, or when something is unfair. My preference is to address conflict directly and appropriately, keeping my emotion to myself.  

Type | 2

My primary focus of attention is on other people and relational connection.  I am very sensitive to the needs of others, particularly people who are important to me.  I enjoy the feeling of being helpful to others and get a sense of value from giving to others.  I am tuned in to emotional connection and particularly sensitive to criticism or rejection. I am not very good at knowing what I need or asking others to meet my needs.  Because of this, I have a pattern of creating relationships that are out of balance where I am giving more than I get in return. If the relationship gets too out of balance or I am not appreciated enough for all that I have done, I often end the relationship.  I have a lot of energy and am very good at getting things done, although I exhaust myself by giving too much to others and need time alone to recharge. I am very friendly, positive and engaging, and in conversation I tend to ask a lot of questions and give compliments rather than talking about myself.  

Type | 3

My primary orientation is toward task, goals and getting things done.  I am highly motivated and driven to succeed, self assured, competent and efficient.  I am fast paced, have a lot of energy and have a hard time slowing down even when I have time off from my work.  Success is very important to me, and I have a strong aversion to failure. It is also important to me to be perceived as successful by other people.  I am good at reading people and knowing how to adapt myself to engage them or get them to like me. I am diplomatic and don’t particularly like delivering bad news or giving negative feedback.  I am highly competitive, choose activities in which I can excel and put a lot of effort into being the best I can be. I am not very emotional and can put emotions aside in order to get the job done.  I am very efficient and can get upset when there are obstacles to getting things done such as indecision or delays. I am a generally positive person and often find myself in a leadership position.

Type | 4

I am creative, emotional, romantic, sensitive, and authentic and have a very fertile imagination.  I experience intense feelings and big swings of emotion, often feeling a sense of melancholy or sadness.  Deep and meaningful connections are important to me and I am sensitive to other people’s feelings. I sometimes romanticize how a relationship or circumstance could be better than it is.  Because of this, I often feel like there is something missing or lacking in my life and experience a longing for something better. This can lead to internal suffering or drama in my life, but it also helps me to have a great capacity to empathize with other people’s suffering.  It is also important to me to be unique, different or special. I don’t want to be considered to be ordinary.

Type | 5

I have a strong cognitive orientation and relate to the world primarily through thinking.  I am rational, objective, analytical and enjoy engaging in interesting intellectual pursuits.  When I am reading or working on something that interests me, I can be very focused for long periods of time.  I am not very emotional or emotionally expressive. I am perceptive and observant but like to process things cognitively before expressing myself.  In a crisis or other emotional situation, I tend to remain calm and rational, feeling more detached from my emotions in the moment. I am private, autonomous and independent and don’t have a strong need for as much relational connection as others seem to have. Too much human contact can be exhausting.  It is important to me to have time alone to recharge or decompress, and I sometimes feel a need to protect myself from intrusions or demands on my time and energy.

Type | 6

I am responsible, reliable, and trustworthy and have a strong work ethic. I am very good at planning ahead, contingency planning and being prepared.  My attention naturally goes to what is coming and what I need to prepare for, which is driven by a desire for certainty, security and predictability. I don’t like surprises or ambiguity.  I am usually well prepared, sometimes overly prepared, and I also worry quite a bit. I have a questioning mind, often thinking contrary to dominant opinion, looking for hidden meanings and wondering whom I can trust.  Others sometimes think I am being negative, but I see it as just being practical. In relationship, I am warm, thoughtful, friendly, authentic and a good listener. People often confide in me and trust me with confidences.  I am also very loyal and sensitive to issues of loyalty with others. I have a good sense of humor and can use humor to diffuse tense situations. I often experience self-doubt and ambivalence, which can lead to procrastination.

Type | 7

My attention is naturally drawn to interesting ideas, options, plans, possibilities, visioning or strategic thinking.  I am very positive and optimistic and naturally see opportunities rather than problems. I love adventure and take risks.  I also have a very quick, agile mind and a gift for intellectual problem solving. I like to think outside the box and come up with new and interesting ways of solving problems or making connections.  I like to work on things that interest me but can have a hard time sticking with uninteresting or repetitive projects. I do not like to be bored. I have a lot of interests and can juggle many of balls at one time, sometimes leaving loose ends. I don’t like it when my options are limited or constraints are placed on my freedom.  I prefer a collaborative rather than controlling style of leadership. Although I care about people, I don’t have patience for people who are stuck in negativity, and I am not always as focused on other people’s feelings as they would like me to be.

Type | 8

I am strong, passionate, independent, decisive, confident, tough and tenacious.  I make decisions and take action quickly, confidently and with certainty. I have a strong gut instinct, which informs my decisions.  I see things more in black and white than in shades of grey. I am direct, tell it like it is and don’t shy away from difficult conversations.  Others sometimes perceive me as being too blunt or assertive, but I just want to speak my truth, resolve the issue and move on. I am passionate, action oriented and stay focused on the big picture and what needs to happen to get the job done.  I can also motivate others and push them to be their best. I have a big heart and would take a bullet for the people I love. I can get reactive when I perceive weakness, laziness, injustice, manipulation and deceit. I have a bullshit detector and strongly dislike schmoozing or office politics.  I prefer that people just tell it like it is. I am very aware of who has the power and control and whether they can be trusted. If they can’t be trusted, I have no problem challenging them or stepping in and taking charge.

Type | 9

I am steady, authentic, good natured, easy to be with and get along with most people.  I believe the best about people and generally trust that things will work out for the best.  I am naturally good at seeing all sides of the issues, which can cause me to take a long to time to make decisions, but it also makes me a good mediator.  I don’t like conflict and generally avoid it or help to resolve it in ways that feels good to everyone. Peace, harmony, comfort and everyone getting along are very important to me.  My focus of attention is ordinarily on other people, and I am usually very accommodating and have a hard time saying no. It is sometimes hard for me to know what I want, and I can be easily distracted from my own priorities if someone wants something from me.  However, when something is important to me, I can be very strong and stubborn in defending it. I have a quiet rebelliousness and do not like to be told what to do. I don’t get angry very often but can be passive aggressive and stubborn, particularly when someone is pushing me to make a decision or do something I don't want to do.  I often feel inertia about taking action, particularly when it involves pushing my own agenda.